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Small Animal Food & Accessories

We have a great selection of small animal food and accessories so you can ensure your beloved pets get the right nutrition and comfort. Our store has in stock a wide range of animal food from leading suppliers, so you can rely on our local business for quality food at great prices.

For further information, please visit our local store.

Guinea Pig

Our Range Of Small Pet Food

Our shop offers high-quality and nutritious food for a number of small pets, including:

You can rely on us to have everything you need – shopping for your small pet has never been easier!

Small Pet Bedding & Accessories

We have materials including straw and natural wood shavings that make ideal beds for your small animals. Our bedding can keep their cages warm and cosy, and all of our materials are highly absorbent to keep these areas dry and healthy for your pets. We also have a number of bowls, water bottles and other feeding accessories in stock.

Contact Avalon Animal Feeds

If you want further information about the products we have in stock, please give our team a call. Or, visit us in store to pick up everything you need for your pets.

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