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Livestock Food

We stock a wide range of livestock food at our local store, so if you are looking for quality products in Glastonbury or the surrounding areas, make us your first choice! We have a variety of premium products in stock for all livestock so you can ensure your animals get the nutrition they need.

Our range has been specially formulated to keep your livestock happy and healthy. Visit our store today for more information.

Cut Out Goat

Small Holding Animal Feeds

All of our small animal holding feeds come from the brand Forfarmers who have become renowned for their high quality products. They work side-by-side with farmers to ensure they produce great food in a sustainable way, with innovation being at the centre of what they do! We stock a wide range of poultry foods as well as food for cows, goats, pigs and sheep. We always aim to keep our prices competitive.

Food And Accessories For Poultry

We stock a wide range of specially formulated poultry feed such as layers pellets and mash, mixed corn, bespoke duck and goose food and a range of grits. This ranges from quality standard feeds to soya and GM free to Organic.

In season we stock suitable feeds for chicks and ducklings and have access to more specialist feeds as well. We also have an array of bespoke feeders, drinkers and accessories plus treatments and medicines galore for when things do wrong like the dreaded “Red Mite” infestations. We also stock rat baits.

Visit Avalon Animal Feeds Today

Visit our local animal food store in Glastonbury to view our extensive range.

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