Avalon Animal Feeds


Ample poultry feeds are always in stock:-

Now a stockist for Heygates Feeds please enquire for ordering but

Heygates corn 20kg kept in stock as a quality but cheaper corn

The following Farmgate range can be found in stock

Farmgate Layers Pellets                                 20KG

Farmgate Layers Meal                                   20KG

Farmgate Super Omega mash                        20kg

Farmgate Duck & Goose Mix                         20kg

Farmgate Classic Mixed Corn                       20KG

Farmgate Chick Crumb                                20KG *

Farmgate Poultry Rearer                               20KG *

* seasonal availability only

Turkey Feeds available by order along with other specialist feeds please enquire

We will sell smaller quantities by the KG if requested

We also stock some Allen & Page "Natural Free Range" poultry feeds which is a smaller GM Free pellet as follows:-

Layers Pellets in 20kg & 5kg bags

Organic Mixed Corn & Pellets from The Organic Feeds Co

Feather & Beak Chicken Treat                        

Grit, Poultry remedies available such as red mite sprays and disinfectants, tonics and natural wormers (Verm X)

Tusk Feeders & Drinkers of varying sizes

Galvanised Alluminium & Plastic

Barley Straw & Hay in compressed bales in stock £2.75 

Baled dust extracted shavings or chopped straw (Bedrap) in stock

We can source other bedding materials - please enquire