Avalon Animal Feeds


We are agents for BOCM Pauls quality animal feeds.

Due to limited shelf life I have limited feeds in stock but I am happy to order in feeds, the following are examples or available feeds:-

Farmgate Allstocks (suitable complete feed for Sheep & Cattle)   20kg

Farmgate  Sow & Weaner Pellets                                                  20kg

Farmgate  Pig  Grower Pellets                                                       20kg

Farmgate Pig Finisher Pellets                                                        20kg

Multilac Pig rolls (large)                                                                 25kg

Farmgate Coarse Goat Mix                                                           20kg

Pauls BOCMGrower Gain (cattle feed)                                         25kg

Trident Shredded Sugar Beet                                                       20kg

Barley Meal/Rolled Barley

See separate page for poultry range